MOOL SUSTAINABILITY RESEARCH AND TRAINING CENTER. Mool was formally established as a trust in 2012. It was registered with the Income Tax Department u/s 12AA in 2016. Mool has its working office in Ganderbal and its registered office in Shopian.
Mool Sustainability Research and Training Center (or, simply, Mool) aims to inspire youth to build local resource-based, environment-friendly, and independent livelihoods. Mool seeks to explore sustainable ways of living enabling Kashmiri’s to lead participatory socio-economic transformation for a just, equal, and healthy society.
Mool Sustainability Research and Training Center
C/o Sagg Eco Farms, Watlar Wuder, Lar,
Ganderbal, Kashmir 191131.

You can write to us at or call us at +91 99066 24200.