Although born much earlier, Mool was formally established as a Charitable Trust in 2012. It was registered with the Income Tax Department u/s 12AA in 2016, and u/s 80G in 2017.


Mool Sustainability Research and Training Center builds integrated, regenerative, peaceful and just lifestyles, communities and societies.


Mool Sustainability Research and Training Center (or, simply, Mool) inspires and enables youth to build local resource-based, environment-friendly, and regenerative lifestyles. Mool enables people to imagine and lead participatory and inclusive socio-economic transformation for a healthy and prosperous society by exploring sustainable ways of living.

Our ongoing work includes participatory research with youth (capacity building via participatory dialogue, fellowships, internships, volunteering opportunities), promoting sustainable practices in farming and development, and modest emergency relief work. One of our most significant ongoing projects is the articulation of a common and shared vision by youth for a participatory and inclusive society!

Mool welcomes ideas, contributions, volunteers and questions!

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact us at:

Mool Sustainability Research and Training Center
C/o Sagg Eco Village, Watlar Wuder, Lar, Ganderbal, Kashmir 191201.

Email: | WhatsApp: 9622565003.