MOOL SUSTAINABILITY RESEARCH AND TRAINING CENTER.Mool was formally established as a trust in 2012, and has done some modest work since. It was registered with the Income Tax Department u/s 12AA in 2016 and u/s 80G in 2017. Mool welcomes volunteers, ideas and contributions.
Mool Sustainability Research and Training Center (or, simply, Mool) aims to inspire youth to build local resource-based, environment-friendly, and independent livelihoods. Mool seeks to explore sustainable ways of living enabling Kashmiri’s to lead participatory socio-economic transformation for a just, equal, and healthy society.
Mool Sustainability Research and Training Center
C/o Sagg Eco Village, Watlar Wuder, Lar,
Ganderbal, Kashmir 191201.

You can write to us at or call us at +91 99066 24200.