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Promoting natural farming and eco businesses

Promoting natural farming and eco businesses Mool collaborates with Sagg Eco Businesses facilitating technical and programmatic decision- making to explore natural farming and other sustainable eco-businesses. It seeks to achieve self-sufficiency based on integration of indigenous resources with our needs and new evaluated knowledge, skills and tools. This collaboration aims to demonstrate natural farming and […]

Mouj-Bub sufficiency school (MBSS)

Mouj-Bub1 sufficiency school (MBSS) Mool offers programs to engage people, especially children, through participatory education geared toward building self sufficient and sustainable individuals and communities through the Mool core values. The program includes modules on self-development, leadership, learning and other skills for life. These participatory modules are designed in collaboration with varied individuals and entities […]

Indigenous practices resource center

Indigenous practices resource center This program conducts participatory research, documents, collects and shares knowledge on indigenous practices and resources focusing on nutrition, clothing, shelter, and farming for resource sharing and a healthy individual, family and community life. The program, through collaboration with people and institutions engaged in similar efforts, endeavors to integrate such indigenous practices […]

Community wellbeing program

Community wellbeing program This program conducts participatory action research with local communities to facilitate just resolutions of the issues faced by them and work for sustainable development. The focus areas include individual, family and community wellbeing, preservation of ecological balance and conflict resolution / coexistence. The program serves as a resource for household planning, personal […]

Mool Internship and Fellowship Program

Mool internships and fellowships program Mool offers participatory internships and fellowships (Boujwoatt1) for Kashmiri youth, who are seeking alternative ways of learning, doing and sharing, to explore their ideas to develop self sufficient and sustainable lifestyles. Interns or fellows self-design the program for themselves based on the Mool core values and geared towards using local […]