Promoting natural farming and eco businesses

Community wellbeing program

Community wellbeing program

This program conducts participatory action research with local communities to facilitate just resolutions of the issues faced by them and work for sustainable development. The focus areas include individual, family and community wellbeing, preservation of ecological balance and conflict resolution / coexistence. The program serves as a resource for household planning, personal / community health and hygiene, and wholesome education for all. The program also mobilizes resources for and undertakes relief and rehabilitation activities during emergencies.

Mool Internship and Fellowship Program

Mool internships and fellowships program

Mool offers participatory internships and fellowships (Boujwoatt1) for Kashmiri youth, who are seeking alternative ways of learning, doing and sharing, to explore their ideas to develop self sufficient and sustainable lifestyles. Interns or fellows self-design the program for themselves based on the Mool core values and geared towards using local resources to primarily meet local needs. They get opportunities to undergo training in self-development, leadership, sustainability, community development, farming (and other indigenous businesses) and business management. Fellows also get opportunities to know and exchange ideas with people who are doing similar things locally or in other places.

Boujwoatt highlights

  • train with experts in social, economic and ecological sustainability.
  • gain skills to become eco-entrepreneurs: designing – building – maintaining, relationships and networking, participatory research, accounting, legal and social obligations, and computer operations.
  • partner with experts in developing potential business ventures and establishing them.
  • adopt sustainable lifestyles that become positive examples in communities.
  • brainstorm with fellows to overcome hurdles, personal challenges and social pressures.

The fellowships are for individuals who are seeking space to explore their own dreams and passions without societal or institutional pressure, where they can have the joy of learning. They are for those who want to create their own paths and explore sustainable ways to contribute to their own self, their community and the society at large.

Interested individuals (people preferably aged between 9 to 21 years) go through an initial process of mutual orientation and selection. Prospective fellows do an internship program with Mool. A mutual reflection process of the internship determines if we become fellows!

1Boujwoatt is Kashmiri and its English equivalent could be ‘fellowship’. The idea stands for coming together in a spirit of cooperation and complementarity to accomplish something bigger than what can be accomplished individually.